1. Application Procedure


Dates and Deadlines




2017.09.27.(Wed.) 09:00

~ 2017.10.20.(Fri.) 16:00

* Applicants must file the online application form at  

  http://www.jinhakapply.com (☎1544-7715)



2017.09.27.(Wed.) 09:00

2017.10.20.(Fri.) 17:00

* After filling in the contents at http://www.jinhakapply.com, submit the

  required documents to the following address, either by express mail or in 


* Global Scolarship applicants submit the documents to Research Advisor

  (Hongik Unviersity professor) and Research Advisor finally submit the

  documents to Academic affairs team.


▶ Address

 <Graduate School, Special Gruadate School>

 04066 Hongmunkwan Building R521, Hongik University, 94 Wausan-ro, 

 Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea



 03082 IDAS Hongik University, Daehakro 57, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea

Announcement of final results


* The result will be posted on our admission page. We do not inform 

  our applicants directly, so please make sure to check the result online.

* http://grad.hongik.ac.kr/subpage/foreigner.php?id=2 Click “Application

  Status” and type your examination number and password(your birthday


* If examination is passed, the enrollment will be  scheduled the

  following weeks.

Term of Entrance


* 2018.2.23.(Fri.) New Students Orientation

* Graduate School Homepage: http://grad.hongik.ac.kr (입시안내-외국인)

* Internet Applying: http://www.jinhakaaply.com (☎1544-7715)

2. Requirements and Conditions


Requirements / Conditions


Two-year full tuition (including entrance fee)

Terms of


1.  A beneficiary should publish a research paper in an international scholarly Journal (SCI).

2. 2nd year: TA. duty will be given



1st year

Proposal with research advisor

2nd year

Proposal with research advisor and   3.5 GPA or better


Evaluation   Criteria


Comprehensive evaluation on the average score of academic records,

language proficiency certificates and submission of study plan.

See the Check List for Application Documents


Language   Proficiency


1. Korean Language Proficiency

(1) TOPIK level 3 or higher

(2) All students have to obtain TOPIK level 4 before graduation


2. English Language Proficiency :

TOEFL(PBT 530, CBT 197, iBT 71, IELTS 5.5, TEPS 600, TOEIC 685)

※ For College of Engineering, either (1) or (2) is required.

※ For other colleges, both (1) and (2) are required.

Cancellation of


1. Students who do not fulfill the Terms of Scholarship

2. Violation of school rules or other inadequate reasons for granting    


Important Notes

Housing is not included (ex. Dormitory fee : 931,000 KRW for a semester)


List of Required Documents in Application

All documents must be either in Korean or in English. Documents in any other languages must be accompanied by a complete Korean or English translation. Authenticated by the issuing institution or notarized by a notary public.

Submit Documents

International Students

Global Scholarship



Korean Overseas Residents

① Application (Form1)

Original Document

② Personal Information Collection 

   and Usage Agreement (Form2)

Original Document

③ Certificate of Degree

Original document

or a notarized copy

④ Transcript of Degree

Original document

or a notarized copy

⑤ Verification Certificate

Original document

⑥ Transcript of language

Original document

⑦ Letter of self-Introduction

Original document

⑧ Study plan

Original document

⑨ Letter of recommendation

1 Letter

1 Letter

2 Letters

Original document

⑩ Letter of consent for degree


Original document

⑪ Color copy of passport (must),

    alien registration card (optional)

Copied document

⑫ Confirmation letter and plan of

    joint research (Form5)



Original document

⑬ Affidavit of financial support



Original document

⑭ Certificate of family relationship

Original document

⑮ Portfolio (A4 size, 6 pages)

Fine Art & Design applicants only

⑯ Application fee and

    Commission fee

Electronic payment

⑰ Additional documents for    

  Korean overseas residents



Original document